• Reef Trends is the premier provider of expert aquarium services

    in New Jersey and New York; specializing

    in saltwater aquariums from fish only to full blown reef systems.

  • Reef Trends is dedicated to providing the highest quality services

    in design, installation and maintenance

    for commercial and residential aquarium displays.

  • The knowledge and resources of Reef Trends ensures that your

    project is handled with the utmost expertise and care.

  • From turnkey standard aquariums to state of the art custom

    designs Reef Trends is your solution to aquarium bliss.

About The Reef Trends Advantage
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Services What We Do

Let the professionals at Reef Trends handle your design, installation, relocation or maintenance affording you peace of mind that it is done correctly and with the upmost care.

We have the expertise and resources to do the job right and guarantee our work. At Reef Trends our mission is to work hard to make sure you and your aquarium inhabitants are happy. We custom tailor our aquarium services to fit your lifestyle and schedule. So call or contact today for more information or to schedule a visit.


Consulting and Design

Reef Trends experts are available to consult with you on your existing or next project. We can design anything from small decorative aquariums to large centerpiece aquariums for your home or office. Working closely with architects, builders and artists we can help make your dream a reality.


Evaluation and Recommendations

Stock or Custom Aquarium Recommendations
3D Renderings
Equipment Planning
Plumbing Designing
Lighting Layout
Livestock Suggestions


Installation, Rentals and Leasing

Whether permanent or temporary our experienced staff will manage and oversee the entire setup process. We are fully insured and available to install all standard or custom aquariums to suit any need or setting. Installation of equipment is done professionally and is custom suited for every job.



If you need to move your aquarium, whether from one room to another or to a new home, Reef Trends can take the hassle out of your relocation. We have all the proper equipment and knowledgeable staff to get the job done right. We will dismantle your aquarium, carefully pack everything and move your aquarium to its new location then reassemble everything.



Once your aquarium setup is complete our skilled staff can provide complete maintenance to keep your tank running. Contact us to see how Reef Trends can get to work for you.


Delivery Service

We offer a full line of aquarium supplies from over 100 brands at competitive prices.

Clients Who We Serve
Let the professionals at Reef Trends handle your design, installation, relocation or maintenance affording you peace of mind that it is done correctly and with the upmost care.




Fish Stores

Fish Stores

Film Industry

Film Industry

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Guarantee We Stand Behind Our Services

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services for 48 hours after we service your aquarium(s) provided that you have your aquarium maintained by us at least once a month. If you are not happy with the way the aquarium looks, experience any equipment malfunctions or have any livestock deaths within 48 hours after service we will address the problem or replace the livestock free of charge. We must be notified of issues within 48 hours and we will return to rectify the problems asap.

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